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What Do You Do When You Have No Cleaning Testimonials?

The owner of a new cleaning business had a prospect say, "I like what you have to offer, but I don't know about being the first to jump on board. Why don't you get a few clients first and then come back and we'll talk.”

Since he has no customers yet, he has no testimonials or letters of recommendation. So he's wondering how to respond to a statement like that. An experienced cleaning business owner offered this response:

"I'm afraid I can't give you proof yet, but what I CAN do is give you my best. When you hired your current cleaning contractor you took a risk. If you're not happy with their ability to provide you with the service and value you're entitled to, then I simply ask that you take a small risk by hiring me."

Another offered this response:

"No, I don't have any clients yet, so if you take a small risk on me, then you'll have the honor of being my first client! And because I have a vested interest in making sure you're happy with the service, I guarantee I will do my best to ensure I meet your expectations."

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What Impression Do You Leave Your Cleaning Customers With?

One of our members at shared the following thoughts:

What we say is important but how we say it is as or more important

Impressions of people are based on a variety of inputs. We use our 5 senses as well as our heart, intuition and instincts to form opinions of another, his/her authenticity, liability, integrity, sincerity and believability.

We look at a person's demeanor, gauge their tone of voice, volume, and the type of words they use, the look on their face and observe their hand and body gestures, which may belie their true feelings. We factor all these inputs into forming our opinion of someone who is speaking to us. Naturally others will do the same when we're the speaker.

Presentation Skills

  • When you talk about yourself to others your talk must ring true. Authenticity is a requisite. Don't sound scripted.
  • The shortest distance between two people is a smile. A smile breaks the ice for parties, signifying friendliness and facilitating conversation. It sends a positive message.
  • Another way to instill trust is to look the other party in the eye. Eye contact, in its own way, demands engagement. Give good eye contact to your listener.
  • Speak in easily digestible sound bites, clearly and enunciate your words so others can leisurely receive and process them. This helps your message be better received.
  • Are you excited? Positive? Exuding confidence? You are a walking advertisement for your profession. If you aren't confident in yourself how will others be?
  • Stand tall, smile, look others in the eye and let your excitement and confidence ring through. You're someone others will want to know, interact and partner with!
  • And-don't forget to listen! It is the key to learning more about others' needs and by extension, how you can respond to those needs. Nod agreement, show engagement, and repeat important points. It lets others know they're being valued. Listen with your eyes, body, head and heart as well as your ears!

Are Positive Comments from Your Cleaning Customers Rare?

Do you find that most people don't really think about your cleaning service unless there's something wrong? Unfortunately that seems to be the case for most cleaning companies. That's why it was refreshing to get an email from a customer recently who actually made it a point to compliment one of our employees. She said:

I wanted you to know that Mary and I are impressed with the work that Ben does.  He is always helpful and polite.  He's a good guy.

A short comment, but one that means a lot to us and our employee Ben. We gave him a $25 bonus to show that we appreciate the good job he does.

So how would you reward your employee if he/she got a compliment from a customer? Post your replies below by clicking on the Comment link.