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AUDIO: Recap of 2007 ISSA Convention - Part 6

This is the 6th audio recording recap of the 2007 ISSA Convention. In this recording we recap the Trade Show floor, which had several hundred vendors. We talk about some of the newest products and innovations. One of the products Steve talks about is called the Kai Fly, made by Kai Vac. He also talks about what's new with ozone machines and Tennant's new chemical-free auto-scrubber.

AUDIO: Recap of 2007 ISSA Convention - Part 1

We recently attended the 2007 ISSA Convention in Orlando, so we'll be posting a series of audio recordings to recap the event. So be sure to check back to listen to the next recording. If you'd like to be notified of new posts, just enter your email address into the subscribe box on the right side of this page. And if you have any comments on anything you've heard, click on the Comment link below.

In this first recording, we give a quick synopsis of the trade show and a recap of the seminar called The Science of Clean and Green.

Do You Ever Talk to Your Cleaning Competitors?

A residential cleaning business owner asked how she could find out what competitors are charging in her area. We suggested doing what everyone needs to do  - research the market by talking to people and making phone calls.

Another business owner shared this story. She said that she was filling up her car at the gas station and happened to see a competitor at a nearby pump. Not being shy, she walked up to the competitor, introduced herself and started a conversation. Since she'd been struggling with pricing herself, she decided to ask her competitor what she charges and soon got an earful!

The business owner found out that her competitor charged more than she did and had no problem getting this amount from her customers. So she decided that she'd waited long enough - it was time to raise prices. The result was that she only lost one customer, and it happened to be one that tended to be a pain in the you-know-what anyway.

Have you ever talked to your competitors?  Click on the comments link below to share your story.