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Cleaning Success Story

A Cleaning Success blog reader submitted her success story:

I am the owner of Carib Brite Cleaning Service in Kileen Texas, where cleaning is for excellence. I started the business in October of 2007 as a sole proprietor. I did not get my first job until Decemeber 2007 when I requested of my property manager that I clean one of the apartments I owned. She just happened to like the work I did and began to refer me out to others. Since then I have done newspaper ads and business walk ins as forms of advertisements, but most customers come from referrals. 
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How to Deal With Competition in Your Cleaning Business

Jeffrey Gitomer always has useful tips in his newsletter. He recently wrote about how to deal with competition. Here's an excerpt:

Here's how to deal with competition:

  • Know where they stand in the market.
  • Know who their major customers are.
  • Are they taking business from you, or are you taking business from them?
  • Have they captured any of your employees?
  • Get every piece of their information (sales literature, brochures).
  • Get their prices.
  • Shop them every quarter. Know how they sell and what they feature.
  • Identify where they are weaker than you and play on it.
  • Learn where they are stronger than you and fix it... IMMEDIATELY.

When you are up against competition on a sales call:

  • Never say anything bad about them, even if the prospect does.
  • Praise them as worthy competition.
  • Show them respect.
  • Show how you differ – how your benefits are better.
  • Stress your strengths, not their weaknesses.
  • Show a testimonial from a customer who switched to you.
  • Maintain your ethics and professionalism at all times – even if it means biting your tongue until it bleeds.

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Things to Consider When Pricing House Cleaning

We have a lot of new house cleaning business owners ask how they should price their services. Too many tend to price low in order to get the job. Below is how one business owner prices her house cleaning services. In many areas these prices may seem high, but she's able to get it. She's also able to explain why the prices are what they are...

I have a little chart that I made up to help me with bidding on jobs and I came up with a simple price between square feet (not based on square ft. per hour) It's like this:

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"Send Me Some Information" May Not Be a Good Sign

Have you ever made a cold call on the telephone when trying to sell your cleaning services and gotten the reply, "Send me some information.."?  GREAT, you may be thinking to yourself. When I send them the information they'll read it and will surely want to do business with me!

Not really. Most of the time when a prospect says "Send me some information" it really means they're politely trying to get off the phone with you. It may mean that they're not interested or too busy to talk to you.

If this happens, you need to find out why they're asking for the information and if they're truly a warm prospect. Why send out information only to have it thrown in the trash? If they do indeed want the information then get a commitment from them for a follow up conversation.