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    Rick Crombie

    I totally agree with the first comment. Explain to them the benefits of choosing a company that has all the proper insurance and then politely explain the consequences that can happen to them should they decide to choose someone who doesn't have it. And make sure that they should ask to see it in writing and not just accept a verbal statement. Some times a little education is all they need to sway them.

    Erica Castano

    We actually are gathering information to write an article that that will provoke thought as too how much they are saving by going cheaper. Stats show that lawsuits are at an all time high and many are looking for the easy "slip and fall" to generate money for themselves. We also just implemented showing the insurance and bonding certs to people. We are not having as much of a problem with competitors low-balling as with out of work people just cleaning for min wage just to make $$ which is so sad.

    Stephen M. Harrelson

    After years in the cleaning business, I've found that personal contact and customers as partners in the cleaning industry is key to being successful at warding off attacks in the area of low ballers. Your company needs to provide service of value , but be seen as part of "their" operation. Regularly scheduled P.R. visits ,during the customers business hours , allows you to become involved in and with the "Customer" , You then are preceived at a "Solution" and not a "Problem". If the only time you see your customers is when there's a problem , YOU are preceived as a Problem. However, if you handle the small issues and do what you say, very seldom will you lose an account to a low baller! SMH

    Jean Hanson

    Stephen - you nailed it - "If the only time you see your customers is when there's a problem , YOU are preceived as a Problem. "

    That's such a true statement, especially in the cleaning industry.


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