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Presentation Topic Ideas

If you belong to a networking group, you're often given the opportunity to do a 15 or 20 minute presentation about your business. In most cases, your fellow networkers will be bored with hearing about your business. Instead, think about discussing a more interesting topic. Here are some ideas from our friend Debbie Sardone, The Maid Coach:

Talk about things that people will remember.  Talk about things that OTHERS care about.  Talk about things that help to establish YOU as the industry expert, the "go to person" in town when it comes to cleaning!

* Speed Cleaning Pro Tips (The secret to cleaning up in half the time!)
* Tools of the Trade (10 Must-haves in your cleaning caddy--what the professionals use!)
* How To Choose A Cleaning Service (There's more than meets the eye--who's touching YOUR things?)
* Stop Wasting Time & Money On Worthless Gadgets (Professional tips on buying the best cleaning tools)
* Who's Touching Your Stuff? (a serious look at employee screening)

You see, you don't have to talk directly about what YOUR company is doing.  You just need to be knowledgeable about things that interest others.  Things like "what's the best vacuum for my house?"  "do feather dusters really work?" "what is microfiber?". 

Also people like to hear the professional training secrets of moving quickly around a room to accomplish the job in less time--I held a 10 Minute Speech on Speed Cleaning for my BNI group once.  I donned the apron, the tennis shoes, I spread out all of my gadgets and taught them to clean from top to bottom and left to right.  They loved it!  Tell them about companies that don't do background checks on employees and give a mini seminar about the security standards you have!   There are dozens of these mini topics.

In other words you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in indirect ways using topics that are related to cleaning, but not directly about the dirt you remove.  Topics they actually are interested in.

Have fun, don't see it as a chore to come up with topics.  There are dozens of them.



This is very helpful ,I just started networking and I really flubbed my first little speech. But on the brighter side I got my first time over with ! lol All the women were really great,they coached me along by asking lots of questions. I made it through the meeting.

Jean Hanson

Hi Tonya,
Thanks for sharing. It can definitely be intimidating the first time, but it does get easier. Last year I was asked to present to a group of 100 people. I'm used to presenting on the telephone, not in front of large groups. I started out by telling them I was out of my comfort zone by doing this and they started clapping! They wanted me to succeed so they gave me encouragement. It helped because I got lots of compliments afterwards :-)

Katherine Wilson

I am always thinking of new topics where would I look up any of your topics this would be a good topic for face book have a great day Katherine Wison Best Klean


This really helps I get so nervous when speaking.I am looking for new topics for my presentation next week any ideas?

Jean Hanson

Green cleaning topics are usually popular. Talk about the fact that ready to use cleaners are about 99% water, whereas concentrates use less packaging and cost less to transport, which is eco-friendly.

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