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Where Is YOUR Cleaning Business On Google Maps?

Over the past couple months I've hosted several webinars helping cleaning businesses "get found" on the Internet, whether by SEO techniques or through the local search engines like Google Local and Yahoo Local. The majority of cleaning businesses are not doing a very good job of getting their share of the pie when it comes to being found by people searching for cleaning businesses in their area.

Let's take a look at the results for a search for a cleaning company in Tucson. (click on the map to enlarge the picture)


You'll notice that the company I clicked on has their logo in their profile and they have 9 customer reviews. If I was searching for a cleaning company, I'd take a look at this one because they obviously have a loyal following.

Notice the blue arrows on the map, which are pointing out small dots all over the map that don't have the letter balloon. This means that Google has found these companies, but these companies have not "claimed" their dot! So all the information you can get is the name and location. But if I click on the highlighted business I can read all the reviews, get a 20% off coupon, and click through to their website to learn more. Furthermore, these "little dots" do not show up in the search results next to the map - only the ones with the letters do.

Isn't this the position YOU want to be in?

If you want to learn more about this topic I have several links for you:

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Why You Need A Guerrilla Marketing Plan For Your Cleaning Business

If you've read Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing books, you know he's an advocate for making a marketing plan and working it. At a time when many business owners are backing off on all spending (including marketing), those of us who continue marketing will have a distinct advantage.

Here are some of the reasons Levinson says you SHOULD continue to actively market your business:

  1. The market is always changing. If you're not in the game you'll be missing out on new opportunities.
  2. People forget quickly. We are bombarded with advertising every day and if you don't stay in front of them, they'll forget all about you.
  3. Your competition won't quit. If you're not in front of the customer, they'll go with your competitor, who is.
  4. Marketing strenthens your identity. You can't build a brand and reputation without a strong presence.
  5. Marketing is essential to survival and growth. You can't rely on word of mouth alone. If you don't get the word out, your business will stagnate and die.
  6. Marketing enables you to keep your customers. You are cleaners, after all, so many of your customers don't see you unless you build a relationship with them so you can retain them as loyal customers.
  7. Marketing maintains morale. When you see success in your marketing efforts, your morale improves.
  8. Your marketing program gives you an advantage over competitors who have ceased to market. Don't be the one NOT marketing!
  9. Marketing allows your business to continue operating. Without the results marketing brings, you won't be able to pay your bills.
  10. You stand to lose out on the money, time, and effort you've invested. If you stop marketing now, you lose customer awareness and will have to start all over again.

Have YOU stopped or reduced your marketing efforts lately? Or have you increased them? Share your thoughts by clicking on the Comments link below.