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Giving Up On Your Cleaning Business Right Before The Floodgates Open

A member of The Janitorial Store just posted this in the Discussion Forum:

"This week has been a rush. I had 7 appointments, submitted 4 breathtaking proposals (this is what the prospect said), and got 4 more for next week. I just needed to share that with my family. I am getting excited about how things are starting to come along. Its been a slow 4 months but now I am getting a rush. Thank you Steve, Jean and everyone else who contributed to the site to help my business grow."

I've seen SO many people struggle with their business for a few months and then decide to hang it up. It's pretty easy to do in this industry because it's fairly inexpensive to start a cleaning business. So if it fails, "Oh well, I didn't have that much invested in it anyway".

A certain percentage of these people never put much effort into it to begin with. But there ARE people who work hard marketing the business for months but see little return on their time investment. What some of these people never realize is, they gave up right before the floodgates were about to open! What if they had stuck it out just a little longer? As you can see by our member above, a wave of prospects came to her after a very slow 4 months.

I've seen lots of examples just like this one. It happened to us when we started our second cleaning company. We finally got our first client after 4 months, and after 6 months the floodgates finally opened. Within a year we had momentum and a steady stream of prospects.

So for those of you considering giving up, re-think that notion if you KNOW you've been putting in the effort to network and get your name out there. Your success could be just around the corner!

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Do You Motivate Your Cleaning Employees With Trust Or Fear?

The cleaning business is tough when it comes to retaining great employees. Some employers get so frustrated with the revolving door that they end up using fear tactics to get employees to do what they want. But using fear to motivate employees does nothing for your business, and you'll keep getting back the same frustrating results.

If you want employees who are motivated, take initiative and work together as a team to get things done, then you need to take a new approach. Here are three things you can do to start making a dramatic difference:

1. Show your employees that you care. If you've fallen into that trap of looking at your employees as a commodity, you probably DON'T care much about them. But if you treat people with dignity and respect instead of yelling or talking down to them, you'll see a dramatic difference in their response and performance.

2. Recognize employees who go the extra mile. We all have them - those few stellar employees that always give 110%. But most of these exceptional employees never hear any words of appreciation because we're just too busy putting out fires and dealing with the problem employees. But you can make a huge difference in the eyes of these employees by not only acknowledging the good work they do, but by making a big gesture of appreciation. You can do this by recognizing their achievements in a company meeting, or writing a story about them in the company newsletter. However you decide to do it, know that it will motivate the employee to continue going the extra mile. It will also encourage your entire staff to look for opportunities to go the extra mile -- after all, they just want to be appreciated.

3. Don't take your employees for granted. If you only talk to them when you want something they will come to resent it. Don't ignore them, but talk to them regularly. Find out more about them as a person and ask for their input on ideas. This will keep them motivated each day, knowing you care about them as a person and that you value their opinions.

It takes practice and it takes time, so don't expect things to change overnight. But change is possible if you take the time, and it won't cost you anything BUT your time. But the results will be well worth the effort.

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