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Optimize Your Cleaning Business Blog For SEO

I'm finally starting to see cleaning business owners dip their toes into the blogosphere, which is a good thing! If you want your website to be ranked high, then one of the things the search engines like to see is ever-changing content. And writing a blog is a great way to do that.

But if you want your blog to have SEO value, then you should do these 4 things:

1. Use keywords in your title
Every blog post needs a title that uses keywords. For example, instead of writing a title like, "Don't Rub In That Spot", write a title like, "Carpet Spotting Tips For Home Owners". If carpet spotting is a service you provide, use it as one of your keyword phrases. Home owners is another keyword phrase being used in this title.

2. Use hyperlinks in your blog post
Linking from your blog to various pages on your website is a good thing. But you need to make it easy for search engines to figure out what your website pages are about.

Instead of writing this: For tips on removing gum from carpet, click here

Write this: Tips on removing gum from carpet

"Click here" doesn't mean anything to the search engines but "click here". But when you hyperlink your keyword phrase to a page that talks about removing gum from carpet, the search engines "get it"!

3. Use SEO Permalinks on your blog
Like hyperlinks, SEO permalinks help the search engines figure out what your pages are about. The default web page url may look like this:

But you can customize it to look like this:

4. Add alt tags to your images
Every time you upload an image to your blog, tell the search engines what the photo is about. This also helps people who are using text only browsers because instead of a white box with a red "X", they'll see the description of the image.

These are 4 simple tips that will help you optimize your blog for SEO (search engine optimization). Happy writing!

Are Your Cleaning Employees Self Motivated?

Many employers feel that as long as they pay their employees well, they'll stay motivated. But cleaning employees are looking for more that just good pay.

Here are some of the things that will help to keep your cleaning employees motivated:

  • Recognition for a job well done
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Being informed of what's going on in the company
  • Ablility to participate and offer feedback

If you'd like to create a work environment that encourages self motivation, follow these guidelines:

  • Be a leader, but leave your ego at the door
  • Never ask an employee to do something that you are not willing to do
  • Earn the respect of your employees by acting and dressing professionally
  • Get to know your employees
  • Treat your employees and customers with respect
  • Keep a positive attitude and greet your employees warmly
  • Always compliment a job well done
  • Don't make your employees feel as if you're always looking over their shoulders waiting for them to make a mistake
  • Guide and train your employees so they perform to their best ability
  • Correct them when needed and use it as an opportunity to train

Are YOUR employees self motivated? If so, what do you do to foster their motivation? Click on the Comments link below to post your thoughts.

5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Cleaning Business

I've talked to hundreds of cleaning business owners over the years, and I've found that many of the successful ones share the following when it comes to succeeding in the business:

  1. Passion for the business. A lot of people get into the cleaning business because they're desperate to get out of their current job and this sounds like an easy way to start a business. But if you don't feel a burning passion for your business, it will soon become more like the job you're trying to get out of. Successful cleaning business owners have an energy about them; they're full of excitement and enthusiasm about their business.
  2. Vision and a plan. Successful cleaning business owners know what they want from their business and they can easily visualize it. But a vision won't get you anywhere without a plan. When you put the two together, you've got a winning combination.
  3. Will to succeed. If you want to be successful in your cleaning business, you must have the will to succeed. Are you tenacious about making your business work? If you are, you'll see all the problems and challenges that WILL come along as opportunities; and you won't throw in the towel because the going gets tough.
  4. Take calculated risks. If you want to be successful you must get out of your comfort zone. If you stay in your comfort zone you'll never grow your business. At some point you'll need to invest in equipment and technology, hire more staff, or take on larger accounts. In order to do that you'll need to take a risk by getting a loan, delegating more responsibility to employees, or marketing on a larger scale. But if you plan for the growth and take calculated risks, you'll succeed at growing your business.
  5. Surround yourself with the right people. The biggest struggle you'll have in growing your business is finding the right people to help you grow. If you continually make the wrong hiring decisions, your growth will either stagnate or get out of control. Start looking for the right people TODAY!

What ELSE do you need to succeed in the cleaning business? Post your thoughts by clicking on the Comments link below.