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How To Increase The Believability Of Client Testimonials

We all know that we should use testimonials to sell our cleaning services. That's because what others say about our cleaning service is way more convincing than anything we can say about our own business.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to make your testimonials more convincing.

1. Instead of using the word testimonials, use an alternative phrase. For example:

   - What our customers are saying
   - Success stories
   - Rave reviews
   - Our customers love us
   - Customer kudos
   - Customer reviews
   - Client endorsements
   - What current clients have found

2. Use your client's first name, last name, and location. If it is a testimonial for business cleaning, include the name of their business. By giving complete information, it makes the testimonial more believable.

Which one of these appears more believable?
   1. Sue, MN
   2. Sue Thompson, Hopkins, MN

3. Add a photo of your client. Anyone can fake a written testimonial, so adding photos greatly increases the credibility of your testimonial.

4. Use audio or video for your testimonials. Audio and video testimonials are the most credible type of testimonials you can receive. It's hard to argue with a video of a client raving about your service. Another tip when using audio or video is to transcribe all or part of what's been said. Not everyone will watch or listen, some people prefer to read.

5. When asking for testimonials, give your clients an idea of what you're looking for. For example, ask them to explain specifically how much time they've gained by using our service and what they're doing with that extra time. This is much more powerful than a client saying something like,"I love your cleaning service, it's great!"

If you want your clients to sell your cleaning business, then you need to get their testimonials. It will go a long, long way towards convincing website visitors that your cleaning service is the one they should be using.