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Cleaning Business Owners: Are You Maximizing Your Facebook Presence?

This week's Business Journal ran a good article on the "likeability factor" that many businesses are taking advantage of on Facebook. If you've ever "Liked" a Faceook page then you know what I'm talking about.

They offered several tips for maximizing your Facebook presence so I thought I'd recap the tips and share them here:

  1. Provide opportunities for your customers to interact with you. Let them post comments on your wall and then have a conversation with them. Ask good questions that gets a dialog going.
  2. Read all the comments people post on your wall and learn from them. Some people will offer new ideas to improve your service and some may make a negative comment about your service. Good or bad, you can learn from your Facebook followers.
  3. Delete spam and inappropriate comments, however don't delete complaints about your service. Instead, consider it an opportunity to solve the problem for your customers. If you show that you care about a legitimate complaint, others will see that. And if they think you handled it well, they'll look favorably upon your business.
  4. Use Facebook to introduce new services, to offer discounts or special offers, to publish photos of your team at work, and to survey your followers. Mix it up to keep them interested -- the more they know about your company, the more they're likey to eventually use your services or refer you to a friend.
  5. Use customer promotions to drive people to your Facebook page, and use Facebook to drive people to your website.

Facebook is a great communication tool, so use it to your advantage and watch the word spread about your cleaning business!

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