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Facebook Marketing Tips For Cleaning Business Owners

A lot of cleaning business owners still don't understand the value of using Facebook to market their business. I recently listened to a call on Facebook marketing and came away with a few pointers I thought cleaning business owners could use. But before I share the tips, take a look at these statistics (as of December 2012). These numbers should get your attention!

  • There are currently 800 million Facebook users
  • 31% of users are on the site multiple times a day
  • All age groups are using Facebook
  • 80% of Americans use social media and 96% of those people are on Facebook
  • 70% of businesses who are on Facebook see increased traffic to their website
  • 24% of consumers consult with their Facebook friends before making a purchase

Ok, so do I have any converts yet? Here are some tips for what you should be doing on Facebook:

  • Your followers need to be engaged (if you want them to buy from you), so check out sites of some very engaging companies like Zappos and Caribou Coffee. Also check out the local TV stations for ideas.
  • Identify your "Why" (why people should "Like" you). Are you offering discounts and regular promotions for fans only? Put this on your business landing page to give people a reason to "Like" your page.
  • Be consistent with posting. Don't post several things one day and then wait for 5 days for your next post. It's better to post once or twice daily.
  • Don't post and ditch. Sometimes you get immediate responses to your posts. When that happens, you want to reply back to keep the dialog going.
  • Make it fun. Ask about the last book they've read, movie they've seen or favorite TV shows.
  • Have a contest. One cleaning business owner asked what people use magic erasers for, and then randomly chose one person that responded to win a Starbucks gift card (be sure to let them know you'll be giving the giftcard to encourage responses).
  • Ask for feedback. People love to give feedback on all sorts of topics. It may or may not be cleaning related.
  • Occasionally, let them promote themselves on your page.
  • Give your posts "meat" -- lessons, takeaways, inspirational quotes -- things that people would respond to.
  • Entertain with photos, videos and personal stories (but not videos or stories that some may consider vulgar or repulsive). Keep it positive!

That should get you started. And if you'd like some great ideas from a cleaning business owner that is quickly becoming a master at generating new cleaning accounts from Facebook, listen to my interview. You'll hear strategies and real life stories of how he is growing his business through Facebook (available to members of The Janitorial Store).


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