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Success in the Cleaning Business is NOT About Cleaning

You've probably heard scores of people say that if you want to be successful in business you must have a passion for what you do.

How many people do you know that TRULY love to clean? Sure, many people get satisfaction from going into a home or business that needs cleaning and then leaving with the space looking great. But is that satisfaction enough to make a successful cleaning business? Hardly. Why do you think the success rate of new cleaning companies is so low? It takes a lot more than the love for cleaning or the desire to make a living by starting your own cleaning business.

So if success in the cleaning business isn't about cleaning, then what is it about? In my opinion it's about two things - systems and consistency.

The most common claim made in our industry is "We provide quality cleaning services." It's a phrase that is so over-used, no one is going to believe your claim unless you can prove it. And the only way to truly add consistency to the quality of your cleanng is to have written systems in place that are used every day by every employee.

Your written systems will ensure that for every property you clean, the same tasks will be completed in the same order and using the same route through the property -- today, next week, and three months from now. And as long as you have a consistent training program in place, any employee can replace a missing employee without causing a major upset within that account.

When people talk about sytems, the typical example used is McDonalds. The key to McDonalds success is certainly not their food, it's the consistency with which they deliver their product. Of course there are many other things that contribute to McDonalds success, but they would never be able to deliver on all their successful marketing campaigns over the years had they not been fanatical about the systems they have in place to make sure the customers are satisfied.

When your cleaning company provides consistent services, your clients will continue to do business with you because they can count on you to deliver on the promises you make.

If you want to ensure the success of your cleaning company, you might want to borrow a page from McDonalds by putting systems into place that will ensure you deliver consistent, "quality" service.

If you'd like help with getting your cleaning business on the road to success, visit our web sites, The Janitorial Store and


Got A Bad Attitude? Change The Way You Think!

There's no doubt about it -- running a cleaning business is stressful. And oftentimes the result of constant stress is a bad attitude. Wouldn't it be great to always have a positive attitude? Not only will it make you feel better, it will reduce your stress, attract the right people to you, and increase your success.

But it's hard to maintain a positive attitude with all the problems surrounding you, isn't it? It may be difficult to maintain, but it IS possible. And it starts with changing the way you think.

The first step towards changing the way you think is to identify what worries you and stop letting it control you. That's because when you worry, you become preoccupied with your problems. And when you're preoccupied, you're less productive and not much fun to be around. Plus, when you bring your personal worries to work, you give your employees permission to do the same. And that's a recipe for disaster for your business.

So what can you do? You can create new behaviors in your life. Here are a few examples:
  • Create positive goals you can accomplish daily
  • Focus on activities that make you feel productive
  • Focus on solutions, not the problem
  • Look for humor and joy every day
  • Make a point to not take things personally
  • Respond to situations in a positive way instead of reacting to situations in a negative way
Next, work on bringing more balance into your life. When your life is not in balance, you lose control, which can cause a bad attitude. Begin by working on:
  • Spending time with the ones you love
  • Keeping friendships going
  • Taking time for yourself through meditation, a hot bath, a massage, taking a walk in the park or whatever makes you happy.
Here is a great exercise you can do. Start thinking about how you say things in response to challenges you face during the day. For example:

    Instead of saying: "I've never done that before", or "I can't do that."
    Say: "This is an opportunity to learn something new that I might end up enjoying."

    Instead of saying: "It's too complicated."
    Say: "I can break it up into smaller tasks and learn them one step at a time."

    Instead of Saying: "This will never work."
    Say: "I'll never know until I give it a try."

    Instead of saying: "My employees will ever go for this."
    Say: "How could I show them the benefits of this change?"

And finally, think about the people you surround yourself with. Do they also have bad attitudes? Do you find that when you're around this type of person it tends to bring you down? If so, it's time to start surrounding yourself with more positive, upbeat people. And when looking for employees to join your cleaning company, look for attitude over experience. It's much easier to teach people how to clean than it is to try and change their attitude.

Response To Comment Posted On Our Last Blog Post

Our last blog post was called: Warning About Web Site Plagiarizing The Janitorial Store.

First, I'd like to thank all the people that took the time to post supportive comments here and on Facebook.

I just received a very negative comment that I would like to respond to. I am limited on how much I can type in our Comment box, so I'm posting my response here. Here is the comment just received:

Hello my name is Sean Libby and I am a customer of The Janitorial Center and I would like to call BS on this Blog of yours! First off their site looks nothing like yours and they offer way more services than you do which is why I choose to go with them. Second many services you are offering you took from them, website building??? You guys never offered that!!! I too will be spreading the word about this, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT! Remember he who has the last laugh, laughs the loudest! I'm sure you will never let this post see the light of day but now you know that others know and you can expect the same type of treatment in return.

Here is my response:


Contrary to your statement that your post would not see the light of day, I welcome the chance to respond to your outrageous claims, as they have no basis in fact. See my responses below.

You wrote:
>>First off their site looks nothing like yours and they offer way more services than you do which is why I choose to go with them.<<

I never said their site looks like ours, even though there are similarities - I don't really care about similarities in the look of the site. What I care about is the fact that they took a significant amount of copyrighted content and tools from our site and are selling them on their site as their own.

We can argue about the number of services each site offers but in answer to your statement -- we have been adding content to our site every week since 2004. Their site was first released in 2011 and falls well short of the amount of content and services we offer our members. Since you have never been a member of our website, you don't really have anything to compare it to.

You wrote:
>>Second many services you are offering you took from them, website building??? You guys never offered that!!!<<

This is incorrect. I have the documentation to prove that our website service has been offered since 2009. Their "first" website was started in 2011 so they have not offered the service as long as we have. Regardless, the service we offer is different from theirs, and again, I am not concerned that they offer a website service. Many companies do. I am only concerned about the copyrighted intellectual property that they stole from us.

I would like you to visit this website - Type in our website, You can view a screen shot of our site the first time it was logged as an active site on 11/5/05.

Now enter "the janitorial resource dot com" and you'll see that their site was first indexed for the first time in 2011. And if you enter "the janitorial center dot com" you'll see that it has not even been indexed yet.

If you are a member of their site and have used their calculators, you can thank ME for them. I created every single calculator starting with a spreadsheet and paying a technical person to convert them to a format to be used on the internet.

If you have a copy of their green cleaning ebook and a copy of their bidding and estimating ebook, you can thank ME for them. I wrote them. They changed a few things slightly, like using different graphics and changing a few words here and there, but they are mine.

You wrote:
>>Remember he who has the last laugh, laughs the loudest!<<

I'm not laughing. This is a very serious matter and it has affected my business and my life. Steve and I have worked in this industry for over 25 years and for the past 7 years have loved every minute of creating valuable tools and resources for cleaning business owners. I know that we have made a difference because we hear it from members and even non-members almost every day. Just look at our Member Comments page:

Good luck to you and enjoy the material you've receive from us - through them.

Jean Hanson