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Does More Money Equal Happy Cleaning Technicians?

Everyone wants more money, and many business owners and managers believe that money is the only motivation employees needs to be satisfied with their job. After all, haven't we all had cleaning technicians quit because they could make $ .10 cents an hour more at another job?

It's true that a good compensation plan will help attract good prospects, but raising their pay is not the only answer to keeping them happy. Here are a few suggestions to keeping cleaning technicians motivated and happy without raising their pay.

  1. Give them a career path.
    Most people look at the cleaning business as a stepping stone to a "real" career. But there are many cleaning companies that have created a career path into supervisory and management positions, as well as administrative positions within the company. If employees know there is opportunity for growth within the company and that your policy is to promote from within, it gives them incentive to excel at their job and move forward into new opportunities.

  2. Reward exceptional performance with more responsiblity and/or a leadership position.
    Encourage your high performing employees by offering to develop their leadership skills. Do this by giving them additional responsibility such as leading a meeting or handling a project by themselves. Then coach them through the process, explaining what they're doing right and what they can do better.

  3. Provide a positive working environment.
    The younger generations rank positive working conditions high on their list of "must haves" when it comes to work. Give serious thought to the type of working environment you currently provide and brainstorm ways you can improve and make it more positive for your employees.

  4. Recognize your employees when they do a good job.
    If you want to make a positive work environment (see #3), then you must recognize your employees for the good work that they do. It doesn't cost you anything to recognize your employees when they do a good job so it's a very inexpensive way to motivate and retain your employees.

  5. Make ongoing training a priority.
    Most companies stop training after the initial training when employees are first hired. Considering the vast number of topics you can train your employees on (cleaning procedures, safety, customer service, leadership, team building, etc), there is simply no excuse for not providing ongoing training.
When you keep your cleaning technicians motivated and happy, they will feel they are an important part of the company and they'll feel that you care about them individually. This goes way beyond the temporary satisfaction of a bigger pay check.


Should You Use Social Media To Recruit Cleaning Technicians?

I have a friend who's an HR expert and she recently gave some advice about using social media and other online websites to recruit employees.

Right now 80% of employers are using Linked in, Facebook and Twitter to recruit new employees, so it's clearly the wave of the future. It's up to you as a cleaning business owner to decide which avenue will work for your business. For example, Linked In is probably a better recruiting site for professionals like bookkeepers and administrative positions.

Other sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Craigslist will probably work better for finding cleaning technicians. As far as Craigslist goes, some people love it, and some people hate it. The key to using it effectively is to screen all prospects first. Give very specific instructions for how to apply, and see if they follow your instructions to the letter. If they can't follow these simple instructions, remove them as a prospect. Test out the various sites and see what works best for your company.

My friend also brought up an interesting point about photos. Years ago, people used to attach their photo to their resume. That was later discouraged because of the risk of discrimination, whether it be age, race, gender, etc. However in the new world of social media, almost everyone posts their photo on their Facebook or Twitter page. So be very careful about how you and others in your company who may be screening candidates for you, use social media for recruiting. They must not judge a person by looking at their photo, and then rule them out as a prospect.

What should you look for on social media pages? Check to see whether candidates:
  • present themselves professionally
  • effectively show their personality
  • seem to fit your company's culture
  • have good communication skills
  • are creative
  • have solid references

Another advantage of using social media to recruit employees is that people tend to be truthful on their personal sites. However many people tend to embellish resumes, so it's a good way to make sure their qualifications match their resume.

If you're using these sites to check out potential employees, be sure to do it responsibly. From a compliance perspective, you need to make sure your screening methods do not appear discriminatory.

I'd like to hear from you on this topic. Are you using social media sites or other online sites to recruit new employees? Which sites do you use and how is it working for you? Click on the Comments link below to post your comments.