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How To Get Into Larger Cleaning Accounts

In a recent episode of I discussed whether or not you're ready to take on larger cleaning accounts.

After seeing the video, one viewer emailed us, asking specifically how to get larger accounts. My first thought was, well how are you getting your smaller accounts? It's not that much different!

Are you networking in your community? Are you targeting the clients you want? Are you taking care of business with your existing accounts so you can get great references?

That is really the first order of business when it comes to getting into the larger sized buidings. Taking good care of your existing clients. Owners and property managers of large buildings are going to ask for references and they WILL call them! You need glowing reports of the great work your employees do, how quickly you respond to requests, and how well you anticipate their needs.

Once you have that part down, start focusing on the buildings you want to clean and start researching. Is it owner occupied? Is it a multi-tenant building that is managed by a property manager? Can you ask your networking buddies if they have a contact person they could introduce you to?

Taking on larger buildings will not happen overnight. In many cases it will take months to even get the opportunity to submit a proposal. But if you are determined to make it happen and you take care of business with your existing clients, there is no reason it won't happen for you!

5 Skills You Should Look For When Hiring Cleaning Technicians

Finding good employees is the one of the biggest challenges cleaning business owners face. But oftentimes we have no one but ourselves to blame when it comes to hiring less than desireable cleaning technicians.

Here are 5 of the top skills employees should possess:

1. Communication skills. You may not think this is of particular importance since most cleaning technicians work independently. But communication skills are very important because if they're not able to listen with understanding and speak with knowledge and confidence, it will be difficult for them to succeed.

2. Self-motivation. Although part of your job as an employer is to keep your staff motivated and engaged, you simply don't have the time to hold their hand every minute of the day. The ability to take initiative and complete projects without supervision is a skill that is invaluable to your company.

3. Team player. This is more than just how you interact with your co-workers. Being a team player means working as a group toward a common goal. If the goal is to satisfy clients, then every employee must work as part of the team to ensure they provide the best customer care possible.

4. Problem solving skills. At some point your cleaning technicians will be required to solve a problem. Regardless of what the problem is, being able to think swiftly and decisively in the face of an unexpected situation is often the difference between succes and failure. When interviewing candidates be sure to ask problem solving questions such as, "What would you do in this situation...?"

5. Adaptability. Employees that are adaptable to changing situations are much easier to train and coach than the employee that is set in their ways and resistant to change. Look for candidates that are adaptable and able to handle change in today's fast-paced world.

These are just a few of the skills you should be looking for when hiring cleaning technicians. When interviewing, craft your questions in a way that will uncover these skills (or lack of), and you'll become a much better judge of character when it comes to hiring your staff.