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We recently had a member post a question in the Discussion Forum about how to handle a particular complaint he received from a client. Another member shared his 4-Step System for handling complaints in his cleaning business.
  1. Apologize (I'm so sorry)
  2. Empathize (I can understand how frustrating it is when your trash is overflowing)
  3. Ask for forgiveness (Please forgive us)
  4. Take action (Here is what I'll do...)

These are four important steps. If you miss one of them, the customer will feel as if you really don't care. And regarding #4, be sure you do what you say you'll do and do NOT make empty promises. If you have a recurring complaint on your hands, examine what is happening behind the scenes. Chances are, it's a system failure and until you fix the system, you'll continue to have complaints and lost clients.

One other tip he shared to help avoid complaints, is that he has employees send a text message to their supervisors so they know what needs attention, or what might have happened that night (ie: couldn't get into an office to empty trash, etc). This helps you to be be proactive first thing in the morning to alert your contact person at the account.

What is YOUR system for handling complaints? Do you have one? Please share by clicking on the Comments link below.


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