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SEO Tips for Residential, Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Companies

Today, businesses in every industry have websites on the Internet; in fact, it is almost essential that companies have a website, because so many people search for products and services via mobile devices, laptops, and other digital means.  This includes residential, commercial and janitorial cleaning companies.  For every company, search engine optimization is vital to being found online. 

For those who aren't certain of what SEO strategies to use, here are a few tips focused specifically on cleaning and janitorial services.

Since most cleaning companies provide their services locally, it is important to optimize for local search.  This involves performing keyword research to learn what phrases people use to search for your services.  For instance, if you are located in Kansas City, perhaps your target customer is using "residential cleaning service in Kansas City" or something similar.  Be sure to use these keyword phrases in your content, including website pages, videos, blog posts, etc.


Be Sure Your Website Is Fully Optimized. Many of the tips below relate to ‘off-page’ strategies and techniques. Truth be told, your website needs to be SEO friendly, with optimized text and content AND needs to have a clear call to action in order to convert clicks into inquiries and sales.  While on-page SEO can get technical, there are great online resources such as free one-click SEO website reviews – some of these you may able to implement on your own while other you may need help from your web developer.  If you are considering building a new website, or re-designing your current site, be sure to do research on small business web development before you spend money on a new website.

Include your location in your website pages.  If your cleaning or janitorial service has an office location or location other than your home address, include your physical location (including city and state).  This helps Google deliver relevant results when users search for services in a particular city/state.

Create a Google Plus Company Page and Yahoo Local account.  In addition, it is helpful for Chamber of Commerce members to be listed on their website.  Listings in relevant business directories will also help.

Be Proactive About Your Online Reputation.  Online reviews, particularly Google reviews, can help your business in so many ways.  The best online exposure you can ever achieve is when your Google Plus Company Page appears first in Google Search results with a deep list of authentic positive reviews.  Clicks from high-star organic search results (assuming your website is optimized for conversion) are virtually guaranteed to result in a sale.  Yet, this is a “live by the sword, die by the sword” strategy.  In other words, you need to be proactive about gathering positive reviews and managing negative reviews, or this strategy can backfire on you.

Gather quality inbound links.  Links coming into your website should be of high quality and relevant.  If your janitorial service, or residential /commercial cleaning company is a member of various business associations, try to get a link from their site to your own.  The same goes for other local businesses.  You can also supplement organic SEO campaigns with pay-per click adverting, which is a great way to fill in any SEO gaps and maximize your campaign’s return on investment.

Engage in social media.  Today, social media participation is a huge component of effective SEO for all types of businesses.  Depending on which social media platforms your target audience uses most, you may want to create business profiles or pages on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  Search engines "listen" to social signals, so the more your content gets shared, liked, re-tweeted, and linked to, the higher your rank will be in search engine results pages.

Make sure local citations are consistent.  Any time your company is mentioned on the web, it is known as a local citation.  In all of these, your information should remain consistent and include name, address, and phone number.  Be sure that addresses are all the same, for instance that all include Road or Rd, or Boulevard/Blvd.  Avoid using the full address on some, and abbreviations on others.

Above all else, make sure your content is of exceptional quality.  Today, content really IS king when it comes to SEO for your cleaning or janitorial company.  Content should be informative, valuable, and engaging.  Answer the readers' questions, and leave them wanting more.  Great content is what gets linked to and shared via social media, so make it awesome!

These are a few of the most important tips for improving your SEO efforts as a residential or commercial cleaning company or janitorial service.  Treat your website as a revenue-generating asset, focus on delivering what potential clients are looking for, and create great content on a consistent basis.

About the Author:
Phil Singleton is the owner of KCSeoPro.com, a full-service online marketing services company that provides organic search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services, and KCWebdesigner.com, a WordPress web development firm specializing in custom SEO-friendly websites and custom web applications.  Phil is also a Duct Tape Marketing™ Certified Consultant and provides small business marketing product and service at KCMarketingAgency.com.



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