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Go With Your Gut When Hiring New Employees

A cleaning business owner asked for help with deciding on whether or not to hire a potential new employee. The potential employee had experience cleaning and the business owner felt she would do a good job. The concern however is that she expressed an interest in starting her own cleaning business and already had a few friends of the family who were already clients (this is a residential cleaning business).

Other cleaning business owners shared the following advice:

If you have second thoughts then go with your gut and do not hire the person. If that is one thing I have learned over the years when hiring people is to go with my gut feeling, it's always right. As I said TRUST is earned. I trust no one until they prove themselves over time. We have policies in place and I tell everyone that we HIRE SLOW AND FIRE FAST....

I wouldn't hire her. The chances of her tyring to do things "her" way are too high, which will over-ride your authority! Since she has had "customers", she's going to second-guess everything you do with YOUR business and try to tell you how to do it better... if you want the headache, go ahead and hire her, but I think you're just asking for more drama than you'll have time to deal with!

Also, you mentioned she's strong-willed (you said strong-headed), and this leads me to believe that she will be very resistant to criticism or correction because any time you try to talk to her about doing better, she'll come back at you with "I know what I'm doing, I did this before" or she'll say something like, "When I was doing this, I would xyz [fill in any response here]..." and you'll have a hard time getting her to conform to doing things they way you want them done...

Only you know your customers and only you can judge whether or not she has the capacity to blend into your organization... if she's the type who stands out, you'll just have to think: "The squeaky wheel get the grease". Is she going to be a Squeaky wheel?

What would YOU do? Hire her or go with your gut and not hire her because you have reservations? Click on the Comment link below to share your thoughts.

Cleaning Business Struggling with Marketing

A cleaning business owner asked for help:

"I have been in business now for 3 years, doing both commercial and residential cleaning. The residential is doing pretty good. I need to expand the commercial side of the business. I've tried every kind of advertising but nothing seems to work - phone calls, yellow pages, letters, postcards, flyers. I even paid a company name to do marketing for me. It's been over three months since I paid them and I have not heard from them since. Please let me know what am I doing wrong. Do I need to do door to door sales to gain commercial accounts? Please help"

Here are some helpful suggestions from other cleaning business owners:

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It's Not WHAT You Know, But WHO You Know That Gets You In The Door

A wise cleaning busness owner shared the following:

It's not what you know but who you know that gets you in the door. Over time, effective sales letters and networking can generate a steady stream of referrals and leads that can help your business grow. However, if people don't know how you can help them, they won't hire you. You need to study and apply strategies and techniques so you'll  have a way of explaining what you do that will prompt prospects to call you and remember you.

Why? Because...... If only a handful of people know you, you won't have many opportunities to move your business forward. Networking with a plan and a purpose will show your prospect how working with you will benefit them. You want to come across as a problems solver, an expert in your community. Your main objective is to have people not forget your business when they have a need.

Developing a brilliant marketing message will  prompt interest and questions. It also starts a conversation that unlocks the door so you can explore whether your services overlap with your prospects' needs and wants. I find people asking me how I can do all the services so efficiently, and in many cases I can quickly identify people who could use our services.

When you have a clear understanding of what services you offer and a clear marketing message, more prospects will contact you and more people will refer clients to you. It's easier for people to recommend you when they can understand how knowledgeable about your services you are and how you will be able to help their clients and friends without worrying or wondering if you will perform.

Fire Them Up!

One of our members at The Janitorial Store shared the following:

I have been reading a very inspiring book “Fire Them Up!”  written by Carmen Gallo.  It has given me some great tools to use in my life-personal and professional and I recommend it as a good read. The author suggests that we are presented with opportunities to inspire and that by doing so we give people a reason for hope.  He quotes from Mark Burnett, “Be an optimist and a dreamer.  Expect greatness from yourself and the best kind of unexpected surprises will find their way into your life.”

His 5 steps for optimism:
  1. Build on your strengths, focus on your achievements, learn from your setbacks but never consider them failures. Optimistic people have more charisma and charismatic people elicit more admiration from others.
  2. Radiate optimism:  have a positive demeanor, confident and optimistic.  Stand tall, walk briskly, shake hands with gusto and maintain eye contact with your listeners.  Your words are important but what your body says before you say a word is equally vital.  Make eye contact and keep it; you will seem confident and truly connected with others.  If we show confidence on the outside, we will feel confident on the inside as well.
  3. Speak highly of yourself, especially when talking to yourself!  If you think you can't do something, chances are you won't be able to.  The power of positive thinking can turn an adverse situation into a prime opportunity for heroism.
  4. Surround yourself with builders, not detractors. People who are going to lift you higher.  Learn from others and your communication will be more inspiring; listeners will be enchanted by how much they can learn from you.
  5. Create magnificent obsessions.  Do not get caught up in the trap of making a living rather than designing a life.  We should find a goal big enough and grand enough to challenge us to push beyond our limits and discover our true potential.  Think BIG; Dream BIG.
A successful person has to have a sense of excitement and a positive mental attitude.  Start your day excited and fired up ready to light up the world!