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Have you ever made a cold call on the telephone when trying to sell your cleaning services and gotten the reply, "Send me some information.."?  GREAT, you may be thinking to yourself. When I send them the information they'll read it and will surely want to do business with me!

Not really. Most of the time when a prospect says "Send me some information" it really means they're politely trying to get off the phone with you. It may mean that they're not interested or too busy to talk to you.

If this happens, you need to find out why they're asking for the information and if they're truly a warm prospect. Why send out information only to have it thrown in the trash? If they do indeed want the information then get a commitment from them for a follow up conversation.


Rick Crombie

In my opinion call calling is ineffective. It achieves very little in the way of results for the amount of time invested. The above is just one good example out of many why I find this to be true. Without the customer seeking you out first by whatever form of advertising, you are just an interuption in their day. And are just wasting your time which could be spent on something more productive.

Sharon Cowan

I totally agree with Rick. The price of gas today makes cold calling even more useless. Spending your time networking with other business owners and managers at local events will be more effective in achieving positive relationship building and that leads to sales.

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