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What Do You Give to Cleaning Prospects When Meeting For The First Time?

One of our members shared the following:

Some of the customers we have gained have commented on our presentation at the initial meeting. They said it was "unique" and different. I guess I never really thought of doing it any other way.

For every initial meeting, we bring a packet/folder of info for them to look through during the walk through. Some of our clients have said it made us "look" more professional than the other companies who just gave them a price and left.

In that packet, we have the following:

-an intro letter that tells about us and who we are
-a copy of our insurance certificate
-a copy of a W-9 form
-two copies of the contract - one for us and one for them, once both are signed
-a walk-through checklist
-a specifications sheet
-a follow-up checklist (that we leave after every cleaning)
-a stamped/addressed feedback postcard that we ask them to send after service begins
-several business cards
-a copy of our policies (that cover payments, lockout, reschedules, cancellations, etc)
-a brochure that covers our referral bonus program and the "extra" services we offer

It may seem like a small thing, but our customers have told me that it made us stand out as the more "Professional Business" and that's why they chose our service!

What do YOU do to make yourself memorable in the prospect's eyes? Share your thoughts by clicking on the Comments link below.


Cleaning Business Ev

Being original certainly helped us with our presentations. We made sure our marketing materials were clever as well. Stay away from cliches.


I would need a big help on how to to get cleaning brochure that will contian everything such as forms, policy, safety generally about cleaning business. I just open one but no clients and how to get more clients

Jean Hanson

Theophilus - we have bid templates and hundreds of forms on our website, Have you considered joining us as a member?


Gary Pollard

As a member of the Janitorial Store, I have downloaded many of the free forms and procedures Jean is referring to above. I highly reccommend you do the same. Especially if you don't have the experience to design your own. The forms are very helpful, useful and will make you look professional immediately. Additionally, I have purchased other downloads which are not free and have found that they are all worth much more than the cost.

Claudia Avery

Don't forget, the sister site to I have found so many forms there that has helped build my business... not to mention the other things that are offered there, blogs, forums, webinars, etc... I hate it when I sound like a commercial... but everything I said is true!

Jean Hanson

Thanks for your comments Gary and Claudia :-)

Jeff Van Laningham

I just started a small cleaning business in Portland, OR. My niche market is move-in/out(s)for a large property management co.. they required net 30 invoicing, I am now experience late pay and learned they are financially distressed....what to say/do?

Jean Hanson

Jeff - I would pay a personal visit and see what they can do to get you caught up. If you can't get any kind of payment out of them right away then it's not showing good faith on their part that they are making an effort to pay you. If that is the case I would consider whether I wanted to do any more work from them going forward. You don't want to get stuck for all the payroll and never get paid!

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