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Increase Response Rates For Your Direct Mail Campaign By Using This 11-Step Checklist

Many cleaning business owners spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on direct mail campaigns and then become frustrated when they see little or no results. Usually it's because they're missing one of the most important components of a successful direct mail campaign.

Next time you decide to send direct mail, use this checklist to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

1. Choose a very specific target market. When you send your mailing to the masses you're just throwing your money down the drain because the message won't resonate with everyone on your list.

2. Decide the specific action you want your recipients to take. Do you want them to pick up the phone and call? Listen to a recorded message? Go to your website and fill out a form? Don't make them guess because they won't waste their time.

3. If sending your mailing in an envelope, do something to make sure they open it. Use a bright color, make it over-sized, print a bold message to entice them to open it.

4. Put some time into creating a headline and making an offer they can't possibly ignore. You don't need to give away the farm with your offer either. Just hit a hot button and offer a way to solve that issue. For example, targeting men that wait until the last minute to buy their wives a Mother's Day gift is a great target market to go after. The offer could be something about pampering their wives by giving them a massage, bottle of wine, and free house cleaning for a month or more.

5. Explain the results your offer will deliver. In the example above, explain how his wife will feel if she doesn't have to clean house and how she'll feel when she can use that extra time to pamper herself with a relaxing massage.

6. Explain the benefits of accepting your offer -- it's a Mother's Day she'll never forget; he'll feel great for giving her the gift of time and relaxation; he'll be a hero in her eyes.

7. Write a strong headline and include a P.S. that restates the offer and lets them know how to take action. Most people read the P.S. right after reading the headline, so these must be the strongest parts of your direct mail piece.

8. Tell your prospect the exact steps to take next -- call this number from 9am - 5pm to place your order and we'll tell you how to pick up your gift basket.

9. Track your results. Set up a spreadsheet for all your direct mail campaigns and track inquiries, sales, and follow up actions. Follow up actions include additional mailings or follow up phone calls.

10. Improve your results by doing more of what's working and eliminating what's not working. When you track your results you'll be able to see exactly what works and what doesn't. Don't waste any more money on doing what's not working.

11. Improve your sales copy and test with small groups. Sometimes just changing a word or two can make all the difference in the success of a direct mail piece. Experiment with this by sending your "tweaked" copy to a small group of people. If you get a good response, increase the numbers you send it to gradually.

If you use this checklist before sending out another direct mail campaign you'll increase your chances of success. You'll also save money in your marketing budget so you're not throwing your money out the window.


David Bergman

Excellent article which I am sure will be of great help to cleaning supplies business owners. Sending out mailers as part of the marketing strategy can only be successful if done the right way. The points that you have stated cover it in a great way. Direct mail campaign needs to hit the right audience. I receive a lot of those, some of which I don’t even open. It has to be attractive, for me to feel compelled to open the envelope. What’s inside is equally important for me. A good mailer is sure to hit the audience that the company aims to target.

francis kudor creeks

how can employer maintaine old staff still if salary is not fair for many months.

Q7 Cleaning

To enhance on point number 3. If you are mailing by envelope, then maybe try adding something inside it, such as a prize or more effectively something which makes a noise when the envelope is shaken!

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