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Do You "Hire" or "Recruit" Cleaning Technicians?

Employee turnover continues to be a problem in the cleaning industry. And because many of us struggle with finding and retaining good employees, we have these negative thoughts running through our minds. For instance,"they'll probably leave anyway as soon as they find a better paying job", or "why spend so much time on training when they only stick around a couple months anyway?"

The problem with this type of thinking is that when we have this attitude about hiring and training cleaning technicians, that is exactly what we're going to get -- employees that don't stick around.

So what does it mean to "hire" versus "recruit"? When you hire, you are simply filling job openings. And in most cases you need someone right away so chances are you'll hire almost any warm body that walks into the office.

When you recruit, you are putting more planning into your entire hiring process. You are thinking about your potential employees as professional cleaning technicians, not just someone that can clean toilets and vacuum floors. You are being pro-active by thinking about the benefits of working for your company and possible career paths. You put more effort into carefully screening potential employees by asking the tough questions, doing second interviews, doing reference checks and background checks. And finally, you are taking the time to train them right instead of taking short cuts because you think you're wasting your time training a short-term employee.

If you're tired of employees going through the revolving door, start thinking about how you can better recruit employees instead of just hiring people that have a pulse.

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Name Dick  Ollek

My sentiments exactly.

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I ask my future employees to take a survey, then put them on a test to know what they know about cleaning and what are their future plans. Then I Recruit my employees depending on the answers. I also make periodic trainings for all of my staff as well as in-company surveys to see what is the motivation and so on.

Jenny Christenson

Would you be willing to share your survey. I need to revamp my hiring process. If you want to e-mail me send to info@dusttogoldenshine.com

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Well, the best retention strategy is to recruit the right person with the right credentials and characteristics at the right time for your business cycle.And it can be done by carrying an intensive executive search process that examines and considers all of the environmental and cultural elements for recruitment and retention.

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I would like to give one tip-Call good employees who have left.Former employees are absolutely your best source of prospects to fill your available positions.

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