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If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself

I'm sure you've said this to yourself a few times; I know I have. And you know what? You're probably right!

No one can run your business as well as you. No one will put the same amount of time and energy into your business as you do, and no one has the passion for the business that you have. Of course not, it's your business!

But if you don't let go of some of the control and let others take over some of the things you shouldn't be doing, you're going to burn yourself out. I guarantee it.

I know you're going to come back and say that you hire employees and delegate tasks but they all seem to let you down at some point. They just don't clean as good as you do, they don't fill out the invoice the way you would have done it, or they don't say the right things to the clients.

So what happens? You go back and re-do the work they did and end up wasting double the time! You re-clean a restroom that wasn't done to your satisfaction, and then you go clean up the equipment that wasn't cleaned to your standards. And you do it, not because you want to, but because you feel you need to. You are looking for perfection in every aspect of your business. And if you don't find it? By golly you'll take care of it yourself!

Does any of this ring a bell? It should, because most of us have been there at some point in our business. We know that being a business owner means working long hours, so we spend a lot of time making sure everything is being done correctly, even if it means doing it all ourselves.

What does all of this mean for your business? It means your business will not be able to survive without you. It means you'll give up precious time with family and friends; it means giving up relaxing vacations and watching your kids sporting events and school plays. It also means that you'll probably stop placing any importance on your own health and fitness, and lose sleep at the same time. You'll feel physically and mentally drained.

Can you see all the negative things that will start happening in your life if you continue to feel the need to control every aspect of your business? You eventually become your own worst enemy and no one comes out a winner in the end.

What I want you to do right now is think about what you envisioned when you decided to start your business. I'm pretty sure that one of the things you envisioned is freedom -- the freedom to spend more time with family; the freedom to take a day off if you want to do something fun; the freedom to buy the things you want.

If freedom is what you envisioned, then why do you feel trapped? Why do you feel so tired and frustrated with how things are going? It's because you've set your standards so high that you need everything to be perfect. And when this happens, no one will ever be able to live up to your expectations, so they'll all let you down eventually.

How do you break out of this road to nowhere? You make a concious choice. You can either let things continue on as they are, or you can recognize what is happening and take steps to fix the problem.

The fix is not going to happen overnight. It could take weeks, months or a couple years to get things running the way they should. But making the commitment to make a change is the first step.

  1. Decide what tasks you are doing that you should not be doing.
  2. Create a written system for doing those tasks so other people can learn how to do it the way you want it done.
  3. Take time to hire the right people for accomplishing the job. Never hire based on urgency of filling the position. Instead, recruit qualified people looking for growth opportunities.
  4. Spend the time needed to train people right - never rush training. And continue to stay involved in their training and development. If they feel they have a future with your company, they will stay with you longer and strive to do exceptional work.

Once you're on the right track, you'll probably rediscover the original passion you had for the business when you first started. And when that happens, you'll find more happiness in your life. Two added bonuses -- 1) your business will survive when you decide to take more time for yourself and your family, and 2) financially your business will become stronger and more stable.

It's not an easy thing to do, but you only have one life and you should enjoy it. So go out and do what you need to do now to get things running smoothly in your business, and you'll find you have more time to do the things you that will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Do You "Hire" or "Recruit" Cleaning Technicians?

Employee turnover continues to be a problem in the cleaning industry. And because many of us struggle with finding and retaining good employees, we have these negative thoughts running through our minds. For instance,"they'll probably leave anyway as soon as they find a better paying job", or "why spend so much time on training when they only stick around a couple months anyway?"

The problem with this type of thinking is that when we have this attitude about hiring and training cleaning technicians, that is exactly what we're going to get -- employees that don't stick around.

So what does it mean to "hire" versus "recruit"? When you hire, you are simply filling job openings. And in most cases you need someone right away so chances are you'll hire almost any warm body that walks into the office.

When you recruit, you are putting more planning into your entire hiring process. You are thinking about your potential employees as professional cleaning technicians, not just someone that can clean toilets and vacuum floors. You are being pro-active by thinking about the benefits of working for your company and possible career paths. You put more effort into carefully screening potential employees by asking the tough questions, doing second interviews, doing reference checks and background checks. And finally, you are taking the time to train them right instead of taking short cuts because you think you're wasting your time training a short-term employee.

If you're tired of employees going through the revolving door, start thinking about how you can better recruit employees instead of just hiring people that have a pulse.

Please share your tips for recruiting long-term employees by clicking on the Comments link below.

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