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In a recent episode of CleaningBiz.tv I discussed whether or not you're ready to take on larger cleaning accounts.

After seeing the video, one viewer emailed us, asking specifically how to get larger accounts. My first thought was, well how are you getting your smaller accounts? It's not that much different!

Are you networking in your community? Are you targeting the clients you want? Are you taking care of business with your existing accounts so you can get great references?

That is really the first order of business when it comes to getting into the larger sized buidings. Taking good care of your existing clients. Owners and property managers of large buildings are going to ask for references and they WILL call them! You need glowing reports of the great work your employees do, how quickly you respond to requests, and how well you anticipate their needs.

Once you have that part down, start focusing on the buildings you want to clean and start researching. Is it owner occupied? Is it a multi-tenant building that is managed by a property manager? Can you ask your networking buddies if they have a contact person they could introduce you to?

Taking on larger buildings will not happen overnight. In many cases it will take months to even get the opportunity to submit a proposal. But if you are determined to make it happen and you take care of business with your existing clients, there is no reason it won't happen for you!



I am wanting to email previous clients that left our service. What is the best way to start my email. How will I be able to grab their attention and lure them back to my business.
Feria Melbourne


Rather than sending emails I would first find your previous clients on social media and connect with them there. In particular LinkedIn and Facebook. Then you can send them a message wishing them well and see if you can get a response.

Deborah Crowley

I have utilized our account estimator to call previous clients that we would like to provide our services to again, and that our staff is well trained and we are utilizing green products to create a healthy and safe environment. So far, we have had a couple of accounts call us out for an estimate. You never know a clients situation at that time.

I will also send out our postcard to them as well.

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