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Knowing Your Prospects' Issues With Cleaning Companies Is Key to Demonstrating Your Expertise

There is one question that you can ask your cleaning prospects that can help bring about a discussion of the issues they experience with cleaning companies. And that question is:

"What kinds of problems are you facing today with regards to keeping your building (or home) clean?"

This is a good open-ended question that is likely to get them talking. It will also help you to direct the discussion to what you already know about the problems prospects typically face.

For example, you could now say something like:

"Based on my work with a number of other [banks, property managers, homeowners, etc], I find that the top three issues they're facing are:

  1. Finding a cleaning service that doesn't have a revolving door of employees cleaning their office (or home).
  2. Finding a service that provides consistent cleaning services. They start out great but after a few weeks or months, the work goes down hill.
  3. Finding a cleaning service owner or manager that actually knows what's going on in our building (or home) and anticipates my needs.

Which of these three issues is having the most impact on the cleanliness of your office (home)?"

Can you see how combining a good, open-ended question can lead them into a discussion where you can showcase your understanding of their frustrations? When directing your discussion in this way it also shows the prospect that you work with other people just like him.

And be sure to ask a related follow-up question, which will get you the more specific answers you're looking for.

When you ask thought-provoking questions of your prospects and then follow up with what you already know from your experience with other clients; you're sure to make an impression on your prosect that will get him moving in the direction of becoming your next client.


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