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Have you ever wondered why some cleaning companies are so successful and seem to always be busy while others remain stagnant or fail?

The answer may lie in their cleaning staff. Excellent cleaning companies essentially harbor a culture of excellence. They are the companies where everything seems to run smoothly, they have consistent cleaning services, and satisfied customers. The companies that are here one day and gone the next seem to be cursed by a chaotic work environment with inconsistent cleaning and disgruntled customers. The saying, “your company is only as good as its employees” holds true for all companies, regardless of their particular service or trade.

High Performance Cleaning Staff

In order for a cleaning company to achieve a high level of operational performance, it has to have a high performance cleaning staff. By establishing this optimal level of staff, a company will in turn enhance its overall performance and competitiveness. The importance of having an “A” level staff as opposed to a “B” or “C” level staff may be the difference between the company thriving or failing.


The “A” level employee always strives to do excellent work.

Through proper training, education, one-on-one instruction and supervision, they always perform their job at an excellent level. They also seem to create an environment that is inviting to other “A” level workers.

The “B” level employee is more inclined to perform only satisfactory work and is content at just getting the job done.

They are just “average” employees going through the paces of their daily job duties. The interesting thing about “B” level employees is that if they work with “A” level employees, they have the tendency to perform better whereas, when paired with “C” level employees, their performance declines below satisfactory.

The “C” level employee doesn’t care one iota about their performance level.

These employees are only motivated by a paycheck and more than likely using their employment as a stepping stone until something better comes along. Unfortunately, this is the level employee most often seen in the high turnover cleaning industry.

Within every company exists a culture

In order to create and cultivate a culture of excellence, you must surround yourself with “A” level cleaners. You can have a sprinkling of “B” level cleaners also, since they may eventually convert into “A” level when exposed to an environment of cultural excellence. It’s the “C” level cleaner you want to weed out. After all, you cannot cultivate a culture of excellence with weeds scattered about. They will have a negative impact on your “A” and “B” level cleaners. The “B’s” will habitually lower their standards while the “A’s” will simply get fed up cleaning alongside less productive co-workers and move on to something better.

So what’s the secret to attracting the “A” level cleaner?

The companies that run smoothly and have a proven track record of success have a system in place to create a culture of excellence. While most companies have a vision and mission statement in place, establishing cultural expectations related to your company and its cleaners is essential in creating a high-achieving culturally excellent work environment.

Some of these systems would include:

  1. Strong leaders that model the behavior they're looking for in their "A" cleaners
  2. Selective recruiting, interviewing, hiring, vetting, and orientation processes
  3. Training programs, continued education, one-on-one coaching, and ongoing direction/supervision for all cleaners and job positions
  4. Cleaning company policy manual and employee handbook
  5. Customer care training program
  6. Motivation and incentive programs

These systems need to be in place, monitored, and updated regularly in order to attract and keep “A” level cleaners. These systems will also help to reduce your chances of acquiring and tolerating “C” level cleaners. Through the existence of a clear and understandable system, you will create a positive work environment, avoid conflict, and create the culture of excellence that will allow your company to run more efficiently and become more successful.

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