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This is a question that was asked in one of the LinkedIn discussion groups I belong to, and I have to say, that between the public forums and our private discussion forums at The Janitorial Store and, this is our most popular question. Variations of this question have been asked at least once a week since we launched in 2005. Here is how I answered this time.

Question from new cleaning business owner about marketing:

I just started my commercial cleaning business. I have my website and I have taken small steps to market it like flyers and business cards. I want to know some great Ideas from you seasoned business owners that could help me with jump starting my business. 

My response to marketing a new cleaning business:

When first starting out, sending out flyers and other collateral material doesn't do much, especially for a commercial cleaning business. People that hire cleaning companies have to put a lot of effort into choosing their company, usually considering at least 3 proposals before making a decision. For that reason, they are asking their business friends for recommendations and they're looking for a good track record.

That is why it's important to spend a good portion of your time getting out in your community attending networking functions and getting to know people. Even if people don't have direct experience with your service, if they've gotten to know you from networking with you, they're much more likely to refer you. 

This all takes time, and it on average it will take at least 3 months before you see any results from your efforts. But one thing that now helps to expedite building relationships is to participate on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Whenever I go to a networking event, I always connect with at least 3 more people, and I'm always paying attention to what my connections are saying to see how I can contribute to the conversation.

Besides networking, you need to be working on your online presence. The second way people find commercial cleaning companies is through online searches. If you don't have a presence that is being found, then you're missing all sorts of opportunities.

If you need more help with marketing and building an online presence, we have ebooks that can help.

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