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I'm sure you've heard this before - it's important to add value to your clients in order to retain them long-term. But what exactly does that mean - to "add value"?

Here is an example of what one cleaning company does to add value. 

Fall and winter is the time of year we all start talking about the flu and how to protect ourselves from contracting it from co-workers, friends and family.
As a cleaning business owner, you know that washing hands, plus effective cleaning and disinfecting can make a difference in protecting people from the spread of germs. So why not help your clients protect their employees in the workplace and at home?
Partner up with a graphic designer and/or printer in order to have signs made up that can be placed around the office and in the rest rooms. Use the signs to remind employees that proper hygienic practices are especially important during flu season.
Here is an example of a poster that is available from the CDC. You could have your printer make copies and laminate them for you. Or, you could have a graphic designer create something similar, but add your logo and business name to the bottom.

Here is another poster on flu prevention from the State of Minnesota:


Here is a poster from the CDC that offers hand-washing tips for many different situations.

Another idea for adding value to your cleaning clients is to place disinfectant dispensers in strategic places around the office. You may offer to install the dispensers at no cost, or perhaps even provide the dispensers for free as long as they buy the product refills through your company.
You might also suggest the employer provide facial tissues in common areas and conference rooms.
Many building owners and managers know this is something they should do for the people working in their buildings, but often times they get too busy to follow through and make it happen. If you are proactive by putting a plan together and helping them implement the signage and communication efforts, it's a tremendous value-added service that your clients will appreciate!


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