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Have You Ever Walked Away From An Opportunity To Make A Sale In Your Cleaning Business?

Walking away from taking on a new client is not something anyone likes to think about because we work so hard to gain each and every one of our clients. And when you have a prospect that is ready to give you their business, why in the world would you ever say no?


Why Walk Away From a Prospective Cleaning Account?

Sometimes, walking away is just the right thing to do. Several years ago we had a medical clinic account where we did all the carpet cleaning and hard floor care. The surgery center that was affiliated with the clinic called us up one day and asked us to give them a price for cleaning their space.

We met with them to find out more about their needs and found that they were practically ready to hire us that day because they trusted the fact that the clinic was very happy with our work. After walking through the space, we realized that if we were to take on the account we'd be getting in a little over our heads. You see at that time, we did not have enough specialized knowledge and training in cleaning a surgery center, and it would take time for us to get that type of training in place.

It would have been so easy to take on that account since they were practically handing it to us

But because we didn't feel comfortable in our ability to handle it at that time we decided to turn it down. It was the right thing to do for the prospect. Of course after that opportunity came along, we decided that this was a niche that we should become educated in, which we did over the next year. And that gave us the opportunity to re-connect with them in case they ever needed a new cleaning service.

What it comes down to is integrity and making sure you don't place more importance on dollar signs over what is right for the prospect. Customers today want to to deal with credible people who will tell them the truth. If you're walking into a situation that requires more skill than you have, or it's a much larger account than you're prepared to handle, then do the right thing and walk away.

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Carolyn Smith

Yes because I'm on my own, still scared of taking on too much. But I'm going to go for it! Don't know how much to charge for stripping floors, I'm winging it, and hope I don't fail.

john harris

Yes this happened to our small cleaning business. We knew someone who had a high position in a bank. And she introduced us to the person responsible for finding a cleaning company to service the bank. But he told us right of the bat that for them to accept our bid we would have to clean 15 banks...everyday! We had to say no because we simply did not have the manpower. It hurt but we had to accept reality Ooch! John

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