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One of our members at The Janitorial Store recently asked us about being a one-stop-shop for all his cleaning clients. This is nothing new in the cleaning industry and we do recommend that you provide many services to your clients. 

There are a couple reasons for being a one-stop-shop:

  1. First, you become the go-to service provider for just about everything your client might need. Not only is it convenient for them, it's profitable for you.
  2. Second, you keep competitors from getting these extra services and potentially stealing away your clients.

But before you start targeting several different markets and offering many different services, take a step back and come up with a plan to do it successfully. I've seen too many cleaning companies lose control because they're moving in a hundred different directions, quickly burning themselves out with the chaos of the situation. 

Are you a One Stop Shop for Cleaning Clients?

If you want to be a one-stop-shop for your cleaning clients, then consider this:

The first thing you want to do is to go deep into one target market, mastering that sector before diving into other markets. For example, if you want to target office buildings, then really learn that market well, and learn how to offer all those extra services like windows, carpets and hard floor care so that you're the one-stop-shop for that market.

Once you have that experience under your belt, then start thinking about how to approach your next target market and what you need to know. For example, if you want to go into medical office cleaning, what expertise do you need for that particular market? Your next goal might be to add educational facilities. That's fine, just keep in mind that you don't want to be all things to all target markets until you get really good at one or two in the beginning.

The added advantage of going deep with select groups of target markets

The added advantage of going deep with a select group of target markets is that you start to build a reputation for being an expert at that type of facility. We used to clean a lot of banks. We gained the reputation in town of being the trustworthy company that were experts at cleaning banks. In fact, when employees moved from one bank to another, they often recommended our service to the decision maker because they noticed their new bank wasn't as clean as the one they just left. The more bank branches we cleaned, the easier it was to build that part of our business.

Once you have things up and running with with a few clients in place and supervisors running the day to day operations, you'll have more time to research what you need to know in the new market you're going after. You need this time to get the education needed, to train your people and build the connections that will help you achieve your goal of serving this new market.

None of this happens overnight. But if you want to become a stronger, healthier cleaning company, then being strategic about your growth will help you maintain control and avoid the chaos of trying to be all things to all people. 


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