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Employer vs Employee Perspective Differs When it Comes to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

In 2014 Towers Watson conducted a Global Talent Management and Rewards study.  The study included 32,000 participants, who helped to uncover both employer and employee perspectives on trends and issues shaping the global workplace.

Here are some of the findings. The interesting thing about each of these findings is the differing viewpoint of employers versus employees. 

Job Security:

  • 41% of employees say job security is a key reason to join an organization
  • 26% of employers say job security is a key reason to join an organization



Attraction Drivers - Employer View:

1. Career advancement opportunities

2. Base pay / Salary

3. Challenging work

4. Organization's reputation as a good employer

5. Organization's mission/vision/values

6. Learning and development opportunities

7. Job security

Attraction Drivers - Employee View:

1. Base pay / Salary

2. Job security

3. Careen advancement opportunities

4. Learning and development opportunities

5. Challenging work

6. Organization's reputation as a good employer

7. Vacation / Paid time off

Retention Drivers - Employer View:

1. Base pay / Salary

2. Career advancement opportunities

3. Relationship with supervisor / manager

4. Manage / Limit work-related stress

5. Learning and development opportunities

6. Short-term incentives

7. Challenging work

Retention Drivers - Employee View:

1. Base pay / Salary

2. Career advancement opportunities

3. Trust / Confidence in senior leadership

4. Job security

5. Length of commute

6. Relationship with supervisor / manager

7. Manage / Limit work-related stress

As you can see, what is important to employees is not necessarily what is perceived to be important by employers. This may result in employers focusing on things that are not as important to candidates in their marketing efforts to attract and retain top talent.

My suggestion is to poll your own employees and have them rank these items in order of importance. Take a good look at the insight you can gain from this and how you might adjust your talent search to focus on what is truly important to job candidates in your type of business.



Spot on !!!

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