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When I talk to cleaning business owners about their social media presence, many of them say something like, "Yeah, I've been meaning to get around to that but I just don't have the time."  And when it comes to LinkedIn, most have a personal page, but very few have created a business page.

Do you really need a LinkedIn Business page?

The short answer is Yes! You really do need a LinkedIn Business page! And here's why.

First, you need it for business credibility. You may not realize it, but your customers are doing research on you and your business. They want to see how professional you are, and one way to do that is to check out your website and your social media presence. If they visit your website and see your LinkedIn social media button, they will likely click over to see the page. 

A second reason you need a LinkedIn business page is that there is SEO value in just having it set up. The search engines tend to rank LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages high in business searches. If your prospects go online and search for your company name, what will they find? Here are search results that show 3 of our business pages for The Janitorial Store. 

LinkedIn Company Page

If they don't go directly to the website, we might capture their attention with our social media page links. And think about it; don't you tend to trust companies who have lots of links to their online presence in search results? It means they work hard at their business and are in it for the long haul.

What should I post on my LinkedIn Business Page?

Like any social media page, it's great to have the page set up, but give it a boost by posting engaging content. We typically do three things with our posts.

  1. Ask questions. Think about what kind of questions will get your audience engaged.
  2. Amplify our blog content. We take the time to create content for our audience - kind of like this post! So we want to share as much of that content as we can on social media.
  3. Share other's content. If other related businesses are sharing great content, then share theirs with your audience, with a comment on why they should read it.

Here is an example of a post that ABM posted on their company page, sharing the good things they're doing to help families in need.

LinkedIn Company Page Post Example

What about Showcase Pages?

A Showcase Page is basically a sub-page of your business page. They are optional on LinkedIn, but you might consider doing them because they allow you to showcase your products and/or services, and give more detail than you can on the main business page.

You are limited to 10 Showcase Pages, but that should be plenty for most small businesses. So for a cleaning company, you might have a Showcase Page for the primary industries you serve, something like you see below. When you add Showcase Pages, they show up on the right sidebar of your business page.

Showcase Page Example

Another benefit to Showcase Pages is that the search engines index them separately from your Business Page.  The downside, is that it becomes more to manage. But if you have help with your social media posting, then you don't have to worry about personally doing the work. 

Are you ready to get your LinkedIn Business Page up and running so you increase your online visibility? Post your comments below, we'd love to hear your thoughts and success stories!


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